The E stands for Expert, and they mean it.
Prepare for your JNCIE lab exam using the Virt-IX remote labs.

JNCIE-SP plaque JNCIE-ENT plaque
The Virt-IX remote labs feature SRX210H routers, EX2200 and EX4200 switches, as well as CPE virtual machines with their own public IP space.

Route and secure your virtual CPEs and check the outcome using VNC.
Everything you need to prepare.
8 SRX-210H routersYEP
1 EX-2200-C switchYEP
A full BGP4 internet tableYEP
4 Virtual Machine CPEs with a public /30YEP
Console and SSH access to all nodesYEP
Remote PSU access for all nodesYEP
Multiple user accountsYEP
Fully automated booking systemYEP
Fully automated session managementYEP
Optional N2X router-tester accessYEP
Flexible topology.
Each SRX device is connected (dual-homed) to an EX-4200 Virtual Chassis. They are also connected to each other's neighbor, for example R3 connects to R2 and R4 directly). The first four SRX devices have two links connected to the EX-2200-C switch.

Route and secure your virtual CPEs, and verify the outcome using VNC.
By using flexible vlan IDs, each device can connect to another. Labs can be used interchangeable and can be connected to each other as well. For example, to connect L1-R1 to L2-R5, simply use vlan-id 125 or 225.

Custom topologies are available upon request. The lab is physically housed at Hurricane Electric in Fremont, CA.
Affordable pricing.
From engineers, for engineers.

The JNCIE lab exams are challenging and expensive enough by themselves. The Virt-IX labs are designed to be cost-efficient and help you achieve your goals without too much additional cost.

We do not sell expensive work-books that you may not need in combination with lab-access. If lab-time is all you need, lab-time will be all you pay for. We do assume a certain level of self-proficiency. You are expected to have a basic understanding of JUNOS, Juniper equipment in general, Linux, and most internet-related protocols.

Lab-time is sold in blocks of 2 hours.
(the last 10 minutes of your 2, 4 or 8 hour booking will be used for automated cleanup)

Each 2-hour booking will cost $ 8,-. That is less than 45 cents per device per hour.
Each 4-hour booking will cost $ 15,-. That is less than 42 cents per device per hour.
Each 8-hour booking will cost $ 25,-. That is less than 35 cents per device per hour.

Prepay $ 100 or more and get 10% extra credit!
What happened to the Tunnel Community?

The original Virtual Internet Exchange tunnels are still very much alive. However, the project is currently not accepting new members due to security concerns that have risen.

Unfortunately we were faced with a number of malicious members who used their public IP space for bad behavior. These users have since been terminated, but the project administration is looking for ways to allow new members to join while preserving the integrity of the project.

This situation is expected to be fixed sometime in Q1 of 2015.

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